Water Sampling Management Made Simple

Manage sampling across your entire utility in one platform. With Klir, you get a real-time view of water monitoring data and sampling results, so you can feel confident about water quality.

Utility-Wide Sampling Data at Your Fingertips

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The Complete Water Sampling Management Software

Centralize Sampling Results

With Klir, you get an instant view of sampling events and outcomes, so you can spot issues & trends at-a-glance.

Automate Water Monitoring Plans

Automate regulatory and operational sampling schedules across the entire utility. Easily shift timelines to increase sampling occurrences to adapt to new reporting criteria.

Get Instant Alerts

Ensure warnings reach the right people before violations happen. Get alerts when contaminant limits are approached. 

Create Regulatory Reports Faster

Keep in the clear with smart monitoring and reporting features. No more tracking tasks, monitoring plans, and sampling runs manually in Excel or Outlook.

Pristine Recordkeeping

Klir pulls data from lab reports, LIMS, SCADA & GIS into a single collaborative dashboard so you can stop juggling multiple spreadsheets.

Put Field Data to Work

Klir simplifies collecting and processing sampling data, so you can take action when you need to.


GIS Tagging

Tag key GIS locations across tasks to help field technicians find their way.


Mobile Data Entry

Enter field sample results into Klir’s cloud-based platform on any device so your entire team can stay updated in real-time.

Trusted by World-Leading Water Utility Experts

Unlock Compliance Confidence with Klir

Klir is the all-in-one operating system for water and sampling management your utility needs to stay compliant and plan for the future. 

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