The All-In-One Platform for Wastewater Management

Klir is the collaborative platform that lets you control every aspect of wastewater management–from water quality, to NPDES permits, to biosolids treatment–all in one place.

All the Wastewater Insights
You’ve Been Looking For, Just a Click Away

Our wastewater management software gives you a real-time view of monitoring data, sampling results, and compliance status, so your treatment plant can operate at peak efficiency.

Before Klir

After Klir

The Simple, Collaborative Solution for
Wastewater Sampling Management

Streamline Sampling Results

Klir gives you real-time visibility to sampling events and outcomes from across the utility, so you can spot issues at a glance and rest assured that all treated water and biosolids are safe and compliant.

Stay Compliant with Instant Alerts

Klir helps you ensure regulatory warnings and violations reach the right people before exceedances happen.

Manage All Your NPDES Permits in One Platform

Centralize Your Permits for Total Teamwork Transparency

Klir makes it easy for you to share NPDES permit information across your organization, set due dates, and assign tasks so the whole team can stay up-to-date and compliant.

Instantly Generate Insightful Reports

With all your data centralized in one system, it only takes a few clicks to create recurring or one-time reports for regulatory boards and management.

Manage Inspections From the Field

Capture Customer Inspections
From Your Tablet

Say goodbye to cabinets full of paper records. With Klir’s mobile-friendly inspection forms, you can carry out entire inspections in the field, instantly update customer records, and share the results with your team and customers.

Customize Inspection Forms

From industrial pretreatment to fats, oils, and greases, you can manage all your customer inspections in one place. Klir has both pre-configured and customizable inspection forms, so all the data you need is sure to be captured.

Complete Biosolids Management for Treatment Plants

Unearth Cost Savings

Set budgets to meet cost and quality goals, perform volume vs. cost analyses, and lower your transportation costs with real-time data that provides an end-to-end view of operations.

Quality Tracking for Biosolids

Understand biosolid product quality with insightful biosolid grading visualizations. Review results and trends to spot areas for improvement and capture more revenue. 

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