One Platform for Every Permit

Manage every permit detail and requirement in one place so your entire team always has the information they need—no spreadsheets required.

Go From “All-Over-the-Place”
to “All-In-One-Place”

Permit Management Before Klir

Permit Management After Klir

Smart Tools for Permit Management

With Klir, you get one dashboard to manage and track permitting tasks across your entire organization.


One Platform for Every Permit

No more jumping between filing cabinets, emails, and spreadsheets. Set due dates, assign tasks, and instantly track progress across your team.


Complete Teamwork Transparency

Break down silos and track data for thousands of permits across your entire utility in one easy-to-use platform.


Fast and Simple Reporting

Create recurring or one-time reports for regulatory boards and management in just a few clicks.

Find Out Why Water Management Leaders Run on Klir

Insights Your Whole Team Can Use

Permitting is just the beginning. Klir is the all-in-one platform for water & wastewater utilities.

One Platform for Every Team

Klir is a one-stop resource for utility knowledge so you can efficiently share information across your organization—without relying on email and offline communication. 

Manage Tasks with Ease

Set due dates, assign tasks, and instantly track progress across your team with task templates and instant alerts. 

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Eliminate knowledge gaps and ensure your entire team always has immediate access to up-to-date data and knowledge on any device, even when team members move on or retire.

Unlock Powerful Permit Management

Klir is the all-in-one operating system your utility needs to track permits, manage workflows, and plan for the future. 

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