NPDES Compliance Made Easy

Stop storing your utility’s data across different spreadsheets, emails, and even in people’s heads. It’s time to eliminate NPDES reporting challenges for good with one easy-to-use platform: Klir.

The Klir Solution to Non-Compliance

Eliminate compliance risks with our all-in-one wastewater management platform. Klir gives everyone on your team visibility to all the important permit, water quality, and reporting data you need, so you’ll never miss a thing.

All-In-One Wastewater Management Platform



Manage Permits with Complete Transparency

Tired of tracking down key NPDES reporting details? With Klir, your days of playing data detective are over. Klir gives your whole team a complete view of permit information. You can assign tasks and set deadlines to ensure you stay in compliance.

Easily Generate and
Share Reports

Never miss a Discharge Monitoring Report again. It just takes a few clicks to create a custom report for you to share with management or your regulator.

Get Instant Alerts Before Important Events

When you’re relying on memory to manage a 50-page permit, it can be easy to miss some details. With Klir, you can automate alerts for all your important events–like report deadlines or limit exceedances–so you’ll have plenty of time to take action before anything gets missed.

Simplify Your NPDES Compliance

Ready to streamline your wastewater management system and make NPDES compliance easy? We’d love to help. Connect with a Klir team member for a demo.

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