Keep Your Data Safe with Klir

In our increasingly networked world, cybersecurity is key to securing critical water and wastewater infrastructure. Here’s how Klir keeps your organization’s digital and physical assets safe.

Unmatched Security and Privacy

Secure Access

Powerful user controls and privileges ensure you and your customer’s data is accessible to everyone inside your organization who needs it while remaining confidential and protected from external threats.

Physically Secure

Klir stores your information at data centers with numerous layers of physical security, protecting it from every possible angle of attack.

Military-Grade Encryption

Data stored in Klir is encrypted and decrypted using the same encryption standard the U.S. government uses to secure classified information and national security data: 256-bit AES.

Scale Quickly Without Sacrificing Safety

From single-user access to large teams, Klir is provisioned on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We’re ready to scale with your organization’s security needs quickly without sacrificing safety.

Software Tools Purpose-Built For The 21st Century Water Utility

Ready to see what true cybersecurity peace of mind can do for your drinking or wastewater utility?

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Klir is secured using two factor authentication via email and SMS. Administrators also have the option to implement more sophisticated authentication tools like JWT bearer, WS-Federation (ADFS) and OpenID (Azure AD).

Configurable roles give you complete control over who on your team has access to Klir and what their privileges are within the platform. Users have access to all of the data they need, and none of the data they don’t.

All user activities are recorded in the audit logs database, and the application logs all login attempts, successful or not. Events recorded in the log are visible within the Klir application for privileged roles.

Klir is provisioned on Azure Cloud Services servers while backups are maintained at a second separate location, and both are consistent within a few minutes of live operation. Each Klir tenant has a dedicated and isolated Azure database, and snapshots of the database are captured daily.

Physical security at Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data centers is in alignment with the defense-in-depth principle and multiple measures are implemented to reduce the risk of unauthorized user access.

All data in Klir is encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available, and backups of the application database are made on a daily basis and stored on Azure Cloud Services. 


Klir operates and maintains an information security management system aligned to ISO27001, and we’re currently working towards becoming ISO27001 and SOC-2 compliant.

Our Incident Response Team is ready with plans in place in the event of an incident or outage. If an incident does occur, they will provide regular and prompt updates while a root-cause analysis will be performed. Your Customer Success Manager will be your main point of contact, however in case of a critical service outage we might also request a primary IT operations contact.

Secure Your Digital Future With Klir

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Request a Demo

Book a demo with our team and receive the latest industry insights and exclusive offers.

Request a Demo

Book a demo with our team and receive the latest industry insights and exclusive offers.

Request a Demo

Book a demo with our team and receive the latest industry insights and exclusive offers.