Join the Mission to
Make Water Better.

Klir helps the world’s water experts simplify their painstaking administrative work, giving them the time back to focus on what really matters–making water better.

In order to build the best water management platform and help water and wastewater professionals address the global water crisis, we need the best people to join our team.

Could you be our next team member?

Core Values

Be a Good Skin
Help your teammates because you want to–not just because you think you should.
Be Audacious
It’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up. Take risks to drive innovation, and learn from your failures.
Be Honest
Speak truthfully to yourself and to others about what you think, need, and want. As teammates, honesty is invaluable because it allows us to grow and work better together.
Be the Difference
At Klir, we’re constantly striving to be better so we can make the world better. Be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Help make water better for generations to come. #TheFutureIsKlir

We’re committed to hiring the best candidates for the team, no matter where in the world you may be. So as long as you’re available and getting your work done, it doesn’t matter if you’re signing on from home, Starbucks, or Paris.

Whether you’re vacationing in the Bahamas, sleeping off a fever, or focusing on your mental health, we encourage you to take time off for yourself. To make sure you’re always feeling your best, we ask that you take at least 21 days off per year.

Work gets busy, but so do you. Klir offers flexible work hours so you never have to worry about missing a doctors’ appointment, school pick-up, or any other important part of daily life.

We value the work you do, and we make sure your salary reflects that. We pay in the 75th percentile based on the market in which you’re hired.

As part of the Klir team, you also get a stake in the company with stock options.

From medication to therapy to dental care, we’ve got you covered. Our benefits program with Canada Life ensures you and your entire family are well cared for.

Growing your family is important, and you shouldn’t have to worry about money when you’re spending important bonding time with your new child.

As a remote-first company, our face-to-face time with teammates is mostly limited to Zooms. That’s why we make it a priority to bring the whole team together for in-person bonding.

Meet the Co-Founders

David Lynch CEO and Co-Founder
Overseeing the company from a towering 6’6” stature, David is quite literally the big boss at Klir. But if we want to speak in business terms, Dave is the co-founder and CEO. Dave has 10 years of experience architecting water IT systems, expertise in water policy, and an in-depth knowledge of what users at all levels of government and utilities actually need in a software.
Elaine Kelly CRO and Co-Founder
As Klir’s co-founder and CRO, Elaine makes sure all our teams are working together as efficiently as possible so we can achieve all our revenue goals. Metaphorically speaking, she’s the conductor of our water tech orchestra. Elaine has 12 years of experience successfully delivering software projects for the biggest organizations in the world. As an established IT water software expert, she’s recognized as a leader in the industry.

Job Openings

Interested in joining the mission to make water better? Check out our open roles below!

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