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Between educating customers about backflow regulations and managing emergency incidents, running a backflow prevention and cross-connection control program is no easy feat.

Klir’s backflow software helps to manage your data and keep your customers on track by automating the time-consuming day-to-day tasks, so your team can focus on what matters most–keeping your community’s water clean.

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Manage Backflow Inspections and Incidents from the Field

Finally, a backflow management software your inspectors will love. GIS tagging and Google Maps integration show them exactly how to get to the site, so they can plan their day with ease.

Plus, Klir’s mobile-friendly interface lets them upload inspection results from the field, so you can instantly review and share with your team and the regulator.

Utility Workers - Customizable Software

Automate Inspection Schedules and Alerts

When you’re managing dozens–or even hundreds–of customers, it can be easy for some to slip through the cracks. Whether they’re one-offs or recurring, Klir’s backflow prevention software lets you schedule inspections in advance. Review all your inspection details on the interactive customer dashboard.

Ever struggle to find a certain customer’s inspection status? Not anymore. Every inspection can be marked as a “pass” or “fail”, so you know at-a-glance which customers you might need to monitor.

Track Your Impact with Data-Driven Insights

It can be frustrating when you know your backflow and cross-connection control program is benefitting your community, but you can’t collect the data to prove it.

With Klir’s interactive dashboards and reporting capabilities, you can gather all your important data into one detailed report, so you can show management–and your community–how much of an impact your work really has.

Did You Know...

Cross-connection control programs at large water systems spend more than $200,000 a year on administration costs alone?
Operators can spend hundreds of hours responding to each backflow event, incurring an average personnel cost of $24,380 per incident?
Researchers estimate that backflow incidents have cost utilities between $13 and $18 billion in clean up costs, damage to distribution systems and personnel since 1970?

Klir doesn’t only support your team’s backflow program–we offer solutions for all your organization’s drinking water and wastewater needs. Streamline your systems by connecting with Klir today.


Yes. Klir can be used from anywhere on any enabled device as long as it’s connected to the internet.

Yes. Klir integrates with all major systems (SCADA, LIMS, GIS) and pulls all relevant information into the Klir system, so everything is available in one view.

No. You can access Klir from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), once the correct permissions are granted.

No. You can manage all your customers in Klir, no matter how many you have.

Klir’s backflow software is built primarily for mid to large sized utilities to run their backflow prevention programs.

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