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How To Make Real Progress On Your Utility's IT Strategy

9.3 hours. That’s the average amount of time IT professionals lose every week to chasing support ticket backlogs, troubleshooting legacy systems, and desperately searching for the information needed to keep things running smoothly.

Think about it. What is that costing your water utility in the long term?

In this free guide, learn proven IT strategies to help overcome common water utility challenges—so you can handle IT requests efficiently and securely.

Unlock Your Utility’s Potential

Stress-Free Support

Days filled with support tickets, security updates, surprise software requests, and the same questions over and over? Learn how to reduce request-chaos and overcapacity—while keeping internal customers on the same page.

Transparent Data Sharing

Letting individual departments decide how to manage information is a recipe for risk and inefficiencies. Learn how to get organized fast and avoid overlap and redundancy in your systems forever.

Time-Saving Tools

Maintaining software built decades ago takes a lot of effort—especially when there are better alternatives. Learn how low-maintenance tools built for water utility teams can save you time and sync with your existing processes and workflows.

Smarter strategy

Start making real progress on your utility’s IT strategy. Learn how to deliver exceptional service using data-driven insights and proactively share your plans with the rest of the organization.

Why Trust Klir?

Built by water experts, for water experts, Klir is an all-in-one cloud-based platform helping you automate thousands of manual tasks across your water utility to deliver safe and secure water services to everyone.

Resilient Utilities Run on Klir

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