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Compliance can be very administration heavy. By moving to a central source of information you can save up to 20% of the time which was used to follow up on tasks, send emails and find task owners.

There are lots of different task management systems available but Klir was specifically built for the water industry by water experts. Instead of just being a reporting tool, Klir allows you to manage all aspects of compliance.

Yes, absolutely. Your data is encrypted with military-grade security.

Klir is a collaboration and contextual compliance platform. If you need to manage a compliance task or collaborate with colleagues across your organization or externally, Klir is the home of it. Compliance involves many aspects from reporting to watershed initiatives and operations as well as everything in between. Asset management is a part of compliance but managed independently in its own system.

No, Klir can be accessed from any web browser once the correct permissions are granted.

100% yes. You always own your own data and we don’t sell that data to third parties. We do aggregate anonymized data across our platform to provide a better service to you and help us all manage water better.

Klir can integrate with all major systems to pull the relevant information into the Klir system so all your information is available in one view.

To achieve our goal of making water better, we strive to make the Klir solution available to all utilities. We offer different pricing models to suit utilities serving populations of 20,000 to over 1 million and everyone in between.

No. Klir works out of the box specifically for water utilities and no customization is required. We train your users to configure the system within your own team so you aren’t dependent on anyone else to have Klir working for you. The SaaS licence you pay includes integrations and with Klir all our modules automatically integrate with each other in a single platform. You do not have to manage 10+ software providers or consultants anymore to have the software you need to manage your compliance.

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Book a demo with our team and receive the latest industry insights and exclusive offers.