Klir Water Quality Management + Hach WIMS

Tired of outdated, technical software and spreadsheets that don’t sync up? See why water utilities across the United States are combining Klir with Hach WIMS to simplify sampling and eliminate knowledge gaps.

Get More Out of Hach WIMS with Klir

Already running Hach WIMS at your utility? Klir can help you get more mileage out of Hach’s technical capabilities by providing an easy-to-use platform that’s designed for the entire team. 

Klir can work alongside Hach WIMS to:

Simplify monitoring plan management with collaborative tasks & easy progress tracking

Manage sampling with GIS tracking

Assign and track samples for specific permits

Manage biosolids samples, grading, and transactions

Schedule & automate regulatory reporting

Enter results from the field on mobile devices

How Klir and Hach WIMS Work Together for Straightforward Sampling

By pulling in data from lab reports, LIMS, SCADA & GIS, Klir’s sampling module creates a single source of truth for sampling activities utility-wide. This allows operators to:


See trends across the entire water system and make decisions with clarity and confidence.


Automate manual tasks and data analysis that were once tracked in Excel or Outlook


Have peace of mind knowing that Klir’s automatic alerts for MCLs and non-compliance will trigger in case anything ever goes wrong.


Feel confident that every sample has been completed on time.

Compare Klir and Hach WIMS

Hach WIMS has been a mainstay in the water industry since the early 2000s. Designed for engineers who focus on managing sampling results & interpreting water quality data, Hach WIMS lacks some of the tools and features offered by newer cloud-based software.

Klir is a single cloud-based system that integrates these disparate functions into one complete, all-in-one operating system (OS) for water & wastewater utilities. 

Download Klir vs Hach guide for a full side-by-side comparison. 

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